Nutritional News

Since the 1980’s there have been dramatic fundamental changes to the way food is industrially processed and prepared. Nutrients are removed, refined sugars are added and food is designed to satisfy our cravings for pleasure and taste at the expense of our biological need to be nourished.

Mankind is facing epidemics of lifestyle disease (obesity, diabetes, heart disease, metabolic disorders, autoimmune diseases and cancer) which are all being increasingly linked to over-consumption and food excess. In the past malnutrition was related to hunger and starvation, now it is associated with excessive consumption of low-quality food.

Radical changes to our dietary practices, and official advice, are needed to quell the tide of disease we are inadvertently causing.

Fortunately, forward thinking nutritionists and medical experts have taken and open-minded approach to the dietary myths and misleading advice (developed by the food industry) which fuels our addiction to food.

Low-fat is out, high-fat is in, natural food is critical to wellbeing: the tide is turning and advice is changing. If you would like to know more about the upcoming food revolution here are some resources you may find useful.

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