Adaptive Mind Development

Failure to adapt creates dis-ease in mind and body

The speed at which civilization and information changes has accelerated beyond our capacity to keep up. We at the Institute for Adaptive Minds (IAM) believe that there is an important evolutionary step to be taken if people are going to survive and thrive within this climate of change.

Adaptive Minds, for individuals, teams and organizational development

A person with an adaptable mind is able to adjust to the context and environment without undergoing undue stress or anxiety. When this is combined within the approach of an organisation then everyone is able to be more focused and energized. Allowing creativity, engagement and innovation to flourish, without effort.

How do we do it?

Engaging your adaptive mind. An adaptive mind is having the ability to maintain emotional intelligence and flex your attitude and behaviour to the situation. This can be taught and developed, giving you and those around you, peace of mind and a better way of being.

Taught and Developed –by discovering how the brain responds to threats and hidden stressors within different environments, we are then able to focus the brain upon the goal at hand. This process maintains the higher order thinking of the brain, allowing us to make decisions based on what we can currently see and hear and not what we project.

Your mind –using the most up to date theories of neuroscience and the Hudson Mind Process we have developed a methodology that allows you to remain in an open and focused state of awareness, from which you can observe and give a measured response in the moment that you need it. Giving you a greater sense of freedom and energy.

Who needs Adaptive Mind Development?

For the individual – Having the power to control your emotions and to influence the behaviour of others must surely be the wish of everyone. By learning and developing these skills and knowledge, you will find yourself more able to deal with situations that would have previously caused you stress. You will sleep more deeply, feel more relaxed and still be highly motivated to create and develop.

For organizations – By developing adaptable individuals within a team or organization, the entire performance and productivity can only grow exponentially. This will help to future proof the organization as the workforce are able to bend and flex, without fear of burnout, giving a savvy company the competitive edge. Giving you a greater sense of freedom and energy.