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Discover why you behave the way you do and learn how to immediately re-train your brain to think more clearly and be in control.

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Explore the latest insights in behavioural change science revealing how to enhance productivity, performance and communication.

“Whatever the problem, a part of you already knows the answer; our job is to help you become aware of it.”

– Matt Hudson, Founder & CEO

Are You Struggling With Modern Life?


Brain fog or mental fatigue?
Lethargy or lack of energy?
Lack of mental clarity?
Slower decision making?
Forgetfulness or irritability?
Poor concentration?

Negative state of mind?
Reduced motivation?
Emotional exhaustion?
Mental fatigue or insomnia?
Depression or anxiety?
Reliance on alcohol or drugs?

AMD uses leading edge behavioural and neuroscientific techniques to maximise your potential.

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“Your past creates the imagery upon which your life is projected.”

– Matt Hudson


Learn the truth about Burnout and how it’s impacting your organisation.